Our Time at the Orange Beach Festival of Art

Last month, we had the most incredible time at the Orange Beach Festival of Art on the beautiful ground of the Orange Beach Coastal Arts Center in Orange Beach, AL. It was an absolute blast, filled with creativity, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

It was our first time participating in the festival and we were so honored and excited to have been invited.  Hundreds of extremely talented artists from around the Country apply for this juried event and we were one of the lucky one-hundred or so artists to have been selected!

The staff and volunteers were beyond amazing and welcomed us with big smiles and an energy that was heartfelt and infectious. They really made us feel at home! The Art Center grounds were spectacularly landscaped and scenic.  Being just off the Intercoastal Waterway, the event site had spectacular views the entire weekend.  We saw all kinds of birds and animals while we were there - even several dolphins playing around the water just off the long walking pier.  

Setting up our booth was a dicey experience since the weather was a bit chilly and very windy as a storm was expected to hit later that evening.  However, we made the best of it and got set up just about 45 minutes before the rain hit!

The first day of the event was unseasonably chilly, overcast, and really windy!  Because our tent location was just off the intercoastal waterway, there wasn't anything between us and the wind!  Despite the weather, the crowd was fantastic and we loved meeting all the people from all over the country who were either vacationing down there for Spring Break or, were 'Snow Birds' and preparing to head back to their summer homes.

The second day was a little slower but, the weather was much better.  Still windy but, the sun was shining in full force and it felt great!  The crowd was just as fun to interact with and, honestly, that's our favorite part of doing what we do - meeting and talking with interesting people.

The highlight of the festival for us was winning one of three "Judge's Awards" for our art! It was an honor we never expected, and it definitely made us happy. To be recognized among so many talented artists was truly humbling, and even more amazing because it was our first time at the event!

What made the event truly special, though, was the sense of community. Bonding with other artists over shared experiences and swapping stories with customers who welcomed us with open arms. It always makes us emotional and inspires us to keep doing what we do and continue to improve our artwork.

If you're ever in the Gulf Coastal area and near Orange Beach, we highly recommend visiting them.  For more information go to their website here.


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